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Kids Art Smocks for Arts and Crafts
Bobble Art & Penny Scallan Styles!
Arts and Crafts' must have for your children

Reduce the paint, clay and glue stains with our colourful range of kids art smocks. Art and craft at daycare, kinder, school or home should be fun and uninhibited for your child to enjoy, and an art smock can reduce the worry for you and let children explore their creativity! The art smock range we offer is colourful with great designs, making them more fun for kids to wear, with less protesting to get them on :)

We have lots of kids art smocks from quality brands like Bobble Art and Penny Scallan, and also carry matching backpacks, lunchboxes, drink bottles and more! So enjoy browsing for the look that matches your child's personality.

The kids art smocks are phthalate and BPA free, so they are safe for daily use by your child.

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