Dr Browns Bottles

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Dr Browns Baby Bottles - Leading Anti-colic Baby Bottles

Dr Browns bottles are a leading anti-colic baby bottle, with one of the best designs for minimising back pressure and air intake when feeding baby. The internal vent system allows air to flow behind the milk, which stops a vacuum forming so milk can flow at the pace babies need.

Dr Browns plastic and glass baby bottles are BPA free, and the first baby bottle you should trial to reduce colic, excessive wind and gas, and spit-up. Dr Browns bottles are also proven to reduce air bubble oxidation, preserving nutrients such as vitamins C, A and E that are critical for health in infancy.

Please note the ventilation system in Dr Browns bottles should be removed when heating milk in the bottles, and Dr Browns travel caps used if transporting liquid. The ventilation system allows air into the bottle under the collar, but under heat, if on an angle, or under pressure (eg in a plane) liquid can flow in reverse out of the vent tube.