ergoPouch Natural ergoCocoon Air Swaddle

ergoPouch Baby Swaddle, Sleeping Bags and Pyjamas

Getting your little one to sleep, and keeping them asleep is often a challenge that can not only cause concern for your child's well-being, but also fatigue parents of newborns and young children.

ergoPouch are an Australian owned company who design and manufacture baby swaddles, sleeping bags and pyjamas with clever innovations and gorgeous design. All products are made from natural fibres, including Organic Cotton, Bamboo and Merino. A range of tog (warmth) ratings are available to suit every temperature and every season.

Swaddles and sleeping bags are the ideal sleep choice, as blankets and sheets are often kicked off, so you child will wake up cold and crying. Blankets are also risky for newborns as baby's can move around a lot during sleep and may end up under the sheets and blankets which can restrict their breathing. ergoPouch range reduce this risk, and provide reliable night long warmth for a safe and comfortable night sleep.