Food jars

Thermos Funtainer Firetruck Food Jar

Kids Food Jars for a Warm School Meal

Kids Food Jars are a great way to give your child a warm meal even when they are at daycare, kinder or school. Keeping food warm for hours, food jars mean you don't have to rely on someone else to microwave your child's meal, and they are great for days you want to take kids out for a trip to the park or catching up with friends.

We offer kids food jars from Thermos, and also carry matching drink bottles from the Thermos range in lots of styles so you can find the design and colour your child likes.

The metal kids food jars we carry are made from food grade stainless steel, with the plastics used for lids all phthalate and BPA free, so they are safe for daily use by your child.