Baby Solutions Pink Reusable Swim Nappy Small-Medium

Baby Solutions Pink Reusable Swim Nappy - Rear
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The baby solutions swim nappy is a pull over nappy cover with a cute sea horse and sewn on frills. This baby swim nappy also has an elastic waist and elastic leg openings. It's also a great price for such a stylish outfit for summer swimming or fun time swim lessons.


This baby swim nappy has a nylon / elastane outer for comfort and quick dry, and a water resistant lining using Polyester with Polyvinyl Chloride backing.

The Small to Medium size is for baby around 6-12 months, weight up to 10 kg and height up to 76 cm.

Care instructions: warm hand wash, use mild soap, rinse in cold water. Do not iron or use harsh detergents.

* Containment of solids only.

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