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Dr Browns 270ml Wide Neck Options Glass Baby Bottle

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The new 'Options' baby bottles from Dr Browns bring you the benefit of the Dr Browns Natural Flow® system, but also the option to use the bottle without the vent system when baby overcomes feeding difficulties, and you want an easier time cleaning the bottles without the extra parts.

Dr Brown's 270ml wide neck baby bottle in glass is naturally BPA free with an anti-colic vent insert that relieves the vacuum normally found in other baby bottles. The patented air vent found in Dr Browns 270ml wide neck baby bottle helps to relieve your babies suffering from an upset tummy, colic, excessive wind or gas, and spit-up.

Dr Browns 270ml wide neck glass baby bottle is a great way to see how Dr Brown's baby bottles can ease feeding discomfort for your baby. As these Dr Brown's wide neck baby bottles are made from glass they don't degrade over time, and avoid the milk contacting plastic, with milk only the glass bottle itself and the high grade silicon teat during feeding.

Dr Brown's 270ml wide neck baby bottle has the added advantage of being easier to clean, with the bpa free internal vent system quickly removed and separated for maximum convenience. It also comes with a complementary ‘pipe cleaning’ vent brush to ensure even hard to reach places are hygienic.

Dr Brown's 270ml wide neck baby bottle - Inclusions

  • 1- 270ml glass wide neck baby bottles
  • 1- wide neck level-1 teats (suitable for 0-3 mths)
  • 1- wide neck teat collars (works with all levels of teat)
  • 1- wide neck anti-colic vent inserts
  • 1- wide neck caps to keep teats clean (not travel caps)
  • 1- vent cleaning brush.
  • Instructions

Consider Dr Brown's level 2 & 3 wide neck baby bottle teats at the same time for the faster milk flow your baby will need as they grow, and to keep the benefit of vacuum free milk flow.

Try Dr Brown's 270ml wide neck baby bottle for an enjoyable feeding experience for your baby.